Lonnie Cathey, Age 70
Greensboro, NC
United Healthcare
ACT By Deese

Lonnie Cathey is living proof that exercise can benefit all areas of his life. He enjoys international travel and activities with wife and grandchildren. He performs on stage in the Fred Astaire ballroom dance showcases at the Carolina Theatre. Since beginning his fitness journey, Lonnie has lost 30 pounds, participated in several marathons and achieved his first-degree black belt in martial arts. He volunteers within his community and is always at the front of his SilverSneakers class. He not only lives his life to the fullest, he encourages those around him to do the same.

The Swanson Award

The 15th annual SilverSneakers Swanson Award honors a SilverSneakers member who has improved his or her own life through a healthy lifestyle that incorporates physical activity while inspiring and motivating others along the way. The Swanson Award was established in memory of SilverSneakers founder Mary Swanson’s father, who served as the inspiration for the nationally acclaimed program.